Linda McFarlane

Linda McFarlane works as a jeweller as a logical extension of her
original training and lifelong interest in fashion, design and textile arts. Her work is eminently wearable. She herself dresses exclusively in black and white and that kind of restraint is there in her jewels. She likes to explore the possibilities presented by the use of simple materials and forms. making the most of their varied characteristics. So, her works are subtle and she makes the most of textures and reflective qualities. She uses a lot of semi-precious stones, so colour tends to be within their natural and limited range. But occasionally she will go to town with something really bright, using a fabric or paper.

I like my work to be individual and affordable and distinct from that found on the high street. I enjoy experimenting with such materials as stainless steel, rubber, Perspex, glass. Bold forms attract me, so I can create surprising yet harmonious wearable sculpture.

Linda McFarlane

Linda is quite an experimenter and she likes to try new materials and designs, but her work is always controlled and well balanced.

She places particular emphasis on combinations of opposites in her work and plays with generic contrasts such as light and dark, rough and smooth, shiny and dull. Some of her classic necklaces alternate cubes and spherical beads in matt and shiny materials. Or she will contrast white pearls with darker beads. They are the kind of easy reliable things to wear, that always sharpen up an outfit.

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Lately Linda has been using recycled plastics, paper, and has been experimenting with 3D printing using a natural material based on cornstarch.

But she will also often return to nature itself for inspiration.

About the artist

She is a qualified and practising school teacher, and lives and works in Norwich. Exhibiting here since we opened in 2016, Linda has consistently made a special ranges of environmental jewellery for GroundWork gallery using natural materials such as stone, shell, lava and leather and experimenting with some new combinations of materials and designs.

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