Meet the jewellers here who make artistic jewellery, in tune with the environment, one-offs ethically designed. We represent Jewellers here because their values align with those of GroundJewels and GroundWork Gallery. They are artists, ethical in their practice and concerned for the environment. This means they are careful in their sourcing of materials, resourceful in their use of waste. They are, technically inventive, and innovative in their designs.

Early in 2020, we launched GroundJewels. Benefitting from the European Regional Development Fund via Anglia Ruskin University, it brings new products and services to market. GroundJewels is about ethical artistic jewellery. As a result, our shop is always being updated with new jewellers. Follow our developing profile on Instagram @groundjewels and Pinterest. Please contact for any further information, or if you wish to be considered to join as part of GroundJewels. We would love to hear from you :