Sarah Drew

Sarah Drew is inspired by the environment and resources of the coastline of Cornwall, where she lives. She often makes her contemporary eclectic jewellery from found objects such as driftwood, sea plastic, sea glass and slate pebbles.

“I am and always have been a bit of a collector: not of high value, status-ridden things that you have to be careful with. Just little, curious, quirky things that are everywhere in everybody’s everyday life. I just like to pick them up, look at them and put them in my pocket. Then I like to make them into jewellery later…

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Inventive reuse is characteristic of Sarah’s striking and sustainable practice. Her signature works combine found beach stones, pebbles, slate, plastics and sea glass. She makes her rings with recycled silver. Also she likes to combine her found materials with ethically sourced semi-precious stones.

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Combinations of materials

Sometimes Sarah will make her settings with chunky hammered eco-silver chains, or delicate crocheted fine silver. Her varied repertoire includes fused silver focal pieces as rings and bracelets.

“Every coat I have has pockets full of things: I hear shells rattling about with bits of plastic when I pull one on to face the school run, I fiddle with acorn cups while I’m waiting for a flat white in my local cafe; I scrunch up bits of lichen and tangled sea-string while I’m trying to find my gloves”.

Beach plastic collage necklace by Sarah Drew
Driftwood necklace by Sarah Drew

A regular teacher of workshops, she is also an author. Her books include: Junk Box jewellery (A&C Black) and Wild Jewellery (Jacqui Small).

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